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「Wait.」 by 热血York on Flickr.


Jesus must always be the center of it all.

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Really nice recipes. Every hour.
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"Do not let your hearts be distressed. You believe in God; believe also in me."John 14:1 (via christianwordsofwisdom)

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280/365 Autumn & Ona Camps Bay by M. Klasan on Flickr.

Stop worrying about how you feel.

You lied, you cheated, you lusted, you gorged. You snapped, you hated, you cussed, you masturbated. You killed, you manipulated, you rejected or ignored.

You sinned.

God doesn’t want just half of your heart. God doesn’t want you to talk to Him only when you’re in the mood to do so. God wants all of you. He wants you when you’re sinless and when you’re sinful. He wants you on the days when you’re strong and on the days when you relapse. He doesn’t want just your beautiful parts, He wants everything.

Stop staying excuses. Stop listening to the devil. Stop thinking you can’t “go to God” because you feel you’re too unclean, ugly, or dirty. Stop worrying about how you feel because it’s not about you. Run to Him, even if you’d rather be dormant. Go to Him even if you’d rather hide in your guilt.

Ignore your laziness, embarrassment, and shame and go spend some time with the One who died for every dirty thing you think keeps Him away.

have you read your bible today? - c.h. (via heldinhishands)

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Hello My beautiful Visitors! I'm Glad you're here! Welcome to my Vintage and Christian Blog! I pray that you will be blessed by the post and Learn something new. I thank God that he has given you another chance to live breath and feel free again. But My friend if you need anything come to me. For you are always welcome here.


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